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Aerodynamic separators

Grain Energy LLC offers a wide selection of grain cleaning machines of its own design and production at affordable prices. Working with us, you can purchase high-quality grain cleaning machines at the most favorable terms. In our catalog you will find a wide range of grain cleaning equipment. Innovative products of the “Grain Energy” company successfully operate in Ukraine, and in many other countries of the world.

Аэродинамический сепаратор АМС-40

Nine reasons to buy an aerodynamic separator at “Grain Energy”

  1. Works with all types of crops, for example: wheat, peas, flax, soy, barley, coffee, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, lentils and even frozen berries.
  2. Obtaining high-quality raw materials, clean seed;
  3. The secondary processing of waste allows you to get up to 30% of good seeds suitable for sowing.
  4. Due to the design features, the airflow provides a softer cleaning of the crop and does not damage it, ensuring high germination of the seed.
  5. Low power consumption can significantly save energy.
  6. Works with material of high pollution and humidity.
  7. Simplicity of design, the absence of replaceable parts and lubrication points ensures the reliability and durability of the equipment, as well as ease of maintenance and operation. No dependence on the acquisition of replacement parts and spare parts.
  8. No special skills and qualifications are required – your employees will be able to start working after a short briefing.
  9. The frequency converter protects the separator from voltage surges, provides a smooth start. You can control the power of the airflow, which allows you to work in different cleaning modes and with cultures of different personal specific gravity.


The decision to purchase a grain separator from our company guarantees you receive products directly from the manufacturer and one of the best prices on the agricultural machinery market.

The advantages of aerodynamic separators

Аэродинамический сепаратор АМС-30

The “Grain Energy” enterprise works with large agro-industrial complexes and small agricultural enterprises. For the farm, we offer to buy mini grain cleaners, which are reliable, with a high productivity and low cost. At the same time, grain mixtures are qualitatively separated, due to which seed material with high characteristics is obtained.

It is profitable to cooperate with “Grain Energy” LLC. The company is a manufacturing plant, works without intermediaries, so you can buy aerodynamic separators at an affordable price only from us. “Grain Energy” grain cleaning machines are one of the best in Ukraine. Call us!  All the consultations are free.

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