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The main activity of LLC “Grain Energy” is the manufacture of grain cleaning complexes. Extensive practical experience, a high professional level of specialists, our own production base and design bureau allow the company to offer customers both standard and its own high-quality technological modern solutions.

Ленточный конвейер

We provide a full range of services from design work on individual orders to the commissioning of the elevator. The staff of the enterprise is glad to all clients, is ready to fulfill applications of both large agricultural holdings and small farms. Attention, quality and individual approach are guaranteed.

The purpose of the belt conveyor

The belt conveyor is designed for continuous movement of bulk and non-bulk cargo over distances. In addition to agriculture, it has become widespread in mechanical engineering, light, food and mining industries. Transportation can be performed both on horizontal and inclined planes. The main advantage in respecting the grain mass, which is practically not damaging during transportation.

Belt conveyors for grain have high performance characteristics:

Ease of maintenance.

  • Compact size and light weight.
  • High productivity and efficiency, due to the significant speed of transportation.
  • Simple reliable design that allows you to change process parameters during equipment operation, there is no need to spend time debugging the conveyor.
  • The transportation process takes place in simple mode.
  • The conveyor is easy to manage and maintain. By automating the process, it is possible to increase productivity and carry out transportation without human intervention.

Belt loader: design features

Ленточный конвейер закрытый

The belt conveyor in basic addition includes the following main components:

Frame. The metal structure serves for the installation of constituent elements, gives the belt conveyor rigidity and strength.

  • Drive unit. It drives the drive drum.
  • Drive drum. It serves to transmit movement from the drive to the tape.
  • End drum. Returns the tape after the cargo is poured.
  • Clean the tape from the inside and outside of the sticking of debris.
  • Upper and lower rollers. They help to avoid deflection of the tape from its own weight and the weight of the load.
  • Bearing surface – a tape along which the grain mass moves.
  • Deflecting adjustable drums. Help guide the tape to scrapers and drums.

For the manufacture of rollers, high-strength material is used, which guarantees long-term use of the structure. The grain mass falls on the tape and automatically moves towards the silo. Reaching the discharge opening, it is unloaded using a dump truck. For ease of maintenance, the belt conveyor assemblies are mounted independently of each other.

By the nature of the transported load, you can change the profile of the bearing surface, options:

  • smooth surface;
  • with gutters;
  • with partitions;
  • with sides (corrugated board);

Depending on mobility, the equipment is divided into portable, mobile, rotary and stationary belt conveyors. The first two types are designed to move small volumes over short distances.

Transport equipment is distinguished by the following features:

  • Due to the soft start system, the starting load on the motor is reduced, which favorably affects the reliability of the equipment and the duration of its operation.
  • The conveyor contributes to the preservation of grain, reduces the percentage of injury to the grain mass.
  • The complete set uses reliable imported motors. We are confident in our equipment, therefore we offer such a high warranty period, which is 24 months.
  • High degree of sealing contributes to the trouble-free operation of the vehicle.
  • The transport equipment is equipped with a housing made of durable steel, the choice is: galvanized, stainless or painted.
  • The equipment belongs to universal, compatible with any automatic systems.
  • A high degree of reliability is provided by reinforced bearings of European manufacturers.

LLC “Grain Energy” performs design, installation, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of transport equipment. Due to a well-thought-out design and the right choice of material, grain belt conveyors work successfully under any atmospheric conditions.

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