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LLC “Grain Energy” offers to buy grain bucket elevator at affordable prices. Transport equipment is supplied throughout Ukraine. Warranty from the manufacturer is 2 years. Individual approach. Service support. Consultations are free.

To buy grain elevators suitable for the needs of the agricultural complex at the manufacturing plant LLC “Grain Energy” means to acquire efficiently working transportation equipment that does not injure grain and does not cause cracking of corn, peas, rice and seeds of other crops at an affordable price. For detailed information about the equipment, contact the company’s specialists. Waiting for your calls.

Bucket elevators: features and advantages of transport


Bucket elevator (noria) is a transport equipment for lifting bulk materials, vertically or with a large angle. It is a continuous conveyor. Allows you to move goods quickly over significant distances without involving manual labor. Compared to other types of vehicles, it has such advantages:

  • The design is simple and reliable.
  • Takes a little space at the production site.
  • Transport allows you to lift loads to a great height.
  • Safe because of control devices and braking devices.
  • The design protects the transported product from contamination.
  • A possibility of production in the right or left execution.
  • Low price with significant energy efficiency of the device.

Manufacturers of bucket elevators in Ukraine

The bucket elevators of the elevator equipment factory LLC “Grain Energy” are manufactured in strict compliance with GOSTs (GOST 15150, 588-81, 23831-79) and other regulatory documents. The company carries out design work, manufacture and installation of transport equipment at the best prices. Our products compare favorably due to the following indicators:

  • Prompt processing of large volumes of any crops in the processes of cleaning, drying, sorting, loading, etc.;
  • an individual approach guarantees the manufacture of bucket elevators to the needs of each client, taking into account the characteristics of the customer’s enterprise;
  • gentle vertical movement to a great height with minimal losses (the tape is completely covered by buckets, which helps to reduce flaking);
  • reliability, durability is achieved through the manufacture of parts and components from quality materials in modern production (the service life without signs of malfunction is 5–7 years, after this period, malfunctions can occur due to natural wear of the parts);
  • Transportation in all weather conditions in open and closed areas. The standard equipment provides painting with high-quality powder paint; in addition, it is possible to order a galvanized casing resistant to corrosion;
  • Saving time and money, a profitable contribution to the profitability of the household (the indicator rises by 2 times, investments pay off after 1-2 seasons).

Offer in detail

Нория Агромаш

LLC “Grain Energy” offers to buy a wide range of grain bucket elevators:

  • bucket elevators for grain with a productivity of 10 t / h and a lifting height of 5.4 to 60 m (calculated for wheat, 0.750 t / m3), electric motors from 1.5–55 kW;
  • Bucket elevators of a simple design, the purity of the transported product is maintained during operation and maintenance;
  • Tape bucket elevators are equipped with sensors for belt deletion, speed, back-up, bearing temperature (the latter is installed according to an individual requirement, is optional), automatic brake devices (exclude reverse motion), explosion protection (from explosion of excessive dust, increases work safety).

Each time, the price of the elevator is calculated individually, after the technical characteristics of the unit are agreed, and certificates confirm the quality. We work without intermediaries, so we can offer both large agro-industrial complexes and small farms equipment at a low cost.

Buy bucket elevators: what to look for

As a type of transport equipment, bucket elevators have been known for a very long time. Even the ancient Persians and Egyptians used similar designs with buckets filled with water when performing irrigation works. In agro-industrial complexes, elevators are involved in delivering grain to drying or storage. In addition to agriculture, this equipment is used in construction, metallurgy, and the chemical industry.

Principle of Operation and Specifications

Зерновая нория

A belt bucket elevator consists of such structural parts: a boot section in the lower part, a leg, inspection sections, and a head section, a loading and unloading hole. The drive unit is installed at the top of the shaft and the pulling head, which is fixed at the bottom, move the conveyor belt with load-carrying buckets around the drive drum.

When the drum starts, its rotation sets in motion a belt with buckets. Bulk material loaded into the receiving hopper from there enters the boot sock, and then into the buckets, in which it moves vertically upward, passing from one section to another (their number depends on the height of the bucket elevator). At the very top, when the tape goes around the drum, the grain is unloaded from the elevator through an unloading funnel at the time of the container overturn. The empty buckets continue to move down to pick up another batch of cereals.

Most technological regulations limit the height of transportation to 60 meters.

The main parameters that are important to know when choosing an elevator for grain are productivity (tons / hour), load lifting height, belt speed, drum diameter, ladle pitch and capacity, section cuts.

The exact price of grain bucket elevator in Ukraine depends on the configuration and must be calculated individually for each order. As additional options we provide: tension drums and oil-resistant tapes for oilseeds, polyurethane buckets, explosion-proof electric motors (for cases when elevators are installed indoors), filters.


With continuous use, once every 10 days, check the stitching of the ends of the tape and its tension, the condition of the buckets, and clean the elevator. Stuffing with solid oil (head, shoe bearing housing) is carried out 1 time in 30 days.

During the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to monitor the functionality of the bearings (their heating, the presence of noise, vibration), make sure that there is no blockage in the shoe (it can cause overload and engine shutdown), there is no slipping, the tape goes sideways, there is no spills (normally – shedding ≤ 1% of the weight of transported grains).

 We recommend giving a load when the belt reaches the desired transportation speed.

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