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Grain dryer Mathews company

A grain dryer – an equipment for drying grain is necessary for preparing the crop for long-term storage. The physiological ripening of grain and improvement of its quality and taste indicators occurs in the process of blowing the grain in the dryer.

Matthews’s modular horizontal grain dryer has proven its worth, providing efficient and economical drying of seeds, a wide variety of plant crops: from wheat and rye, rapeseed to beans and sunflower seeds. Mathews company modular grain dryers allow you to prepare for storing even small-seeded crops. The grain drying procedure, which is performed in a timely and correct manner, stops the vital activity of microorganisms and pests in the grain mass. In addition, which is also very important for the successful selling of the crop, the products are aligned according to the degree of humidity, maturity, the appearance is improved, the color is leveled.

If you decide to increase the capacity of your modular dryer, we will offer you a technological module compatible with the model of your dryer.

The principle of operation of the Mathews grain dryer

The grain dryer has several heating zones, which can be adjusted to a specific temperature regime. During operation, maintenance personnel in each zone adjusts their temperature regime, adhering to a certain rule: the upper chamber, where the wet grain enters, gives maximum heat, and then the temperature decreases. This is necessary so that the seeds are dried carefully, without overheating, and gradually cool.

In addition, this approach saves energy, since the burners are not turned on for all their power. It is also very convenient that if more cooling is needed, the heating zone can easily be turned into a cooling zone, for this, it will only be necessary to turn off the burners.

The principle of multi-level drying gives flexibility in the primary processing of grain, makes controlling the drying process simple and comfortable, and allows you to choose the most optimal modes when working with different crops.

We list the advantages of drying machines such as Mathews:

  • Easy to understand and clear operating parameters and drying equipment control algorithm;
  • Stable work and high-quality drying of grain;
  • Reliable and durable construction, metal housing;
  • High performance;
  • Gentle drying of a grain column with heated air;
  • Simple installation of the dryer;
  • The ability to increase (if necessary) additional modules and thereby increase productivity with minimal financial costs;
  • Unloading of grain occurs automatically.

Quality, versatility, efficiency, this can be described as the Mathews Company modular grain dryers (they are often called MC dryers for short).

Grain drying equipment is equipped with bins for dry and wet material and conveyors. We offer extension modules for all modular type dryers. Our production facilities and technological developments solve your problems of expanding the modules on your existing dryer.

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