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Grain separators

“Grain Energy” LLC produces several types of grain separators:

  • aerodynamic – ASM;
  • aerodynamic with aspiration;
  • air sieve – RSA.

This technique is indispensable for processing the crop, preparing it for storage and sale. We will help you choose a grain separator among our wide range of models.

Why there is a need for grain cleaners at the elevator

Preparation and cleaning of the harvested crop requires a thorough approach, and therefore, special equipment. Therefore, without the use of a grain separator, it is impossible to imagine such a preparation. This unit is responsible for the process of quality cleaning.

What is separation? This is a process of division. In this case, with the help of a grain cleaning technique, the grain is separated from various impurities, such as straw, weed seeds, insects, sand, stones, and garbage. As a result, only pure grain should remain, which the separator divides into several fractions.

Separators are used on grain flows, grain preparation departments of elevators, flour mills, grain storages, in private farms.

The sieve separator is a grain cleaning machine with mounted metal-woven screens (otherwise sieves), which are mounted on strong metal frames. That is how these units clean the grain, as well as sort it into one or two types.

The principle of operation is simple: the grain is fed into the loading hopper, and then cleaning occurs due to the reciprocating movements of the sieves, which are fixed at an angle. Special scrapers above the sieve evenly distribute the grain for better work efficiency. The brush that follows the scraper sweeps away large impurities, those that could not get through the sieve.

The grain separator cleans the grain not only from large debris. The unit is also equipped with a powerful closed-type aspiration system – aspiration channels at the inlet and outlet. In these channels the grain is cleaned of dust, finely dispersed, light impurities.

The unit is installed on vibration mounts that dampen vibration and significantly reduces noise during operation.

The sieve surface area of these grain separators is one of the highest among sieve-type grain cleaning machines. Due to these scales, the load on the sieve surface is low – about 5 tons of grain per hour, which makes it easy to clean even grain with high moisture and a high proportion of impurities and contaminants.

The sieves themselves are easy to keep clean: they are cleaned with special rubber balls. Due to these balls, after cleaning the grain in the separator, there will be no grain and its fragments, which could become a source of fungus, mold, and pest accumulation.

And to buy a separator for cleaning grain is a good decision not only for cleaning the harvested grain – barley, wheat, rye, oats. It is also suitable for separating legumes, industrial crops, fodder, oilseeds from debris.

Grain Separator Benefits

The main objective of the separator and its most important advantage is the separation of debris, as well as substandard grain, which can become the source of the harmful microorganisms. This is only the first advantage of grain cleaning equipment, and there are many others:

  1. Efficiency: there is no need to re-clean the grain several times, which saves your time and energy;
  2. It provides a high operation level – around the clock, seven days a week;
  3. High productivity indicators for each of the crops;
  4. The ability to customize;
  5. The minimum number of wear-resistant parts;
  6. Simplicity in operation and maintenance;
  7. Great solution for wet grain separation;
  8. Grain after cleaning meets all sanitary requirements;
  9. Careful separation of grain without damage.

Besides, having chosen a separator, you can easily integrate it into an automated line at your enterprise. “Grain Energy” offers to buy a high-quality grain separator from the producer.

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