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Modular grain dryers

Модульная зерносушилка

A grain dryer is an agricultural equipment designed to remove excess moisture from cereals, legumes, and oilseeds before loading them into silos for storage or before transportation. The main function of this device is the industrial blowing of grain to reduce its moisture content to predetermined parameters. In the drying process in the right mode, the grain matures physiologically, its properties improve, and it becomes possible to store the bulk product for a long time without decreasing its conditioning properties.


Modular grain dryers – the perfect preparation for grain storage


One of the most optimal solutions for most farms today is using a modular grain dryer.

What is a modular grain dryer?

Модульная сушилка Агромаш

MCK grain dryers are called modular because of their design features: the grain dryer consists of module sections, the number of which depends on the wishes of the consumer and determines the productivity.


The principle of operation of a modular grain dryer can be simply described as:


  • Grain is fed through a loading funnel in the upper part of the grain dryer to the auger, which distributes the bulk product and alternately loads the columns;
  • Double-sided centrifugal fans are used for double-sided air discharge. The airflow is divided into two parts: the burner heats one, and the second goes directly into the mixing chamber. Only after mixing the cold and hot flow does the uniformly heated airflow into the drying chamber, where blowing takes place.
  • The multi-stage function of monitoring the operation and protection of the grain dryer is carried out using an external control panel.
  • Automation controls the uniformity of air supply and the compliance of its temperature indicators.
  • Dried grains are discharged from the dryer using a scraper conveyor through the discharge funnels.


Modular grain dryers are a suitable solution for any agricultural enterprise, both small and large agricultural companies. An important fact that should be considered when choosing equipment for drying is the possibility of building up additional modules. With the growth of production volumes, the introduction of new silos, the farmer will be able to increase the productivity of drying equipment by ordering the installation of new modules.

It is possible to grow up to 6 modules of a grain dryer!

What are modular dryers good for?

  • Сушилка для зерна модульная

    The agricultural equipment market presents models that run on different types of fuel, from liquid propane and diesel to natural gas. In addition, the design of our grain dryer provides for conversion to another type of fuel if necessary;

    Such aggregates are capable of drying grain even at high initial humidity to a predetermined value. The drying process is carried out in one run, the grain is not injured, its quality is preserved;

    Fire and environmental safety, economical fuel and electricity consumption;

    Quick installation;

    Simple maintenance and a high level of automation;

    Universality: it is possible to remove moisture from all types of crops (including a seed product). Loss of productivity during the transition from one type of cereal to another does not occur due to the special slot design of the blowing outer and inner screens;

    Modular dryers are equipped with wheels to move if necessary.

    The design of the modular dryer allows you to work without heat loss, and thus further save energy.

    Of course, choosing a dryer, agricultural producers pay attention to the price of equipment. However, other important points are:

    • The grain dryer should be made of high-quality durable materials that can withstand the effects of adverse environmental factors;
    • Technological processes should be as automated as possible, operated and controlled;
    • The performance of the dryer must be selected according to the scale of your production. Over time, you can always add a few more modules!
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