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Scraper conveyors

LLC “Grain Energy” offers to buy scraper conveyors for grain of own production and development at affordable prices. We will manufacture custom equipment with any given characteristics and offer the best mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation.

Конвейер скребковый Агромаш

Scraper conveyors, with a capacity of up to 250 t / h of ferrous and galvanized metal, can be used both independently and as part of transport technological lines, such as:

  • elevators;
  • silos;
  • feed mills;
  • grain processing enterprises.

In general, their use is justified for the movement of all types of crops, seeds, flour and products and bulk materials similar in structure.

Technical Specifications of our Grain Scraper Conveyors

The main technical features of the equipment we offer can be considered the following:

  • Polyurethane scrapers and chain (M112 and TRD-38). This increases resistance to external factors and aggressive environments, significantly increasing the duration of use. As for the chain, it turns out to be as strong as possible, wear-resistant and has a high resistance to mechanical damage.
  • High performance. Depending on the model or individually created modification, our grain conveyors are capable of delivering capacities up to 250 t / h. At the same time, speed indicators are close to the level of 1 m / s.
  • Ability to choose the length. Depending on the technological needs of your enterprise, we can create a conveyor of any length.
  • Soft start system. This allows you to increase the safety of equipment, reducing the starting load on the motor.
  • Reliable motors. Each model is equipped with a gear motor from a well-known, well-established brand. This allows us to give at least 1 year warranty on all models from the catalog and any option made according to individual parameters.

Our equipment can be installed to load / unload grain on any part of the line (where there is a need for this).

Purpose of scraper conveyors

All conveyors presented here are designed for industries where it is necessary to carry out operations for the transportation of grain and other bulk products:

  • horizontally (with one or more unloading zones);
  • at an angle (for the correct operation of the equipment, the slope can be no more than 45º).

Our equipment also copes with the task associated with the need to deliver grain to the hopper and unload from it.

Features of the design and operation of conveyors

Externally, this type of conveyor has the form of a metal box of rectangular cross section, divided into sections and closed on top with a galvanized lid. The main components are:

  • chain with scrapers;
  • electric drive;
  • drive, tension and intermediate sections;
  • sensor of a plug and movement of a chain;
  • unloading and loading nozzles.

The working draft organ of the equipment can be considered a traction lamellar sleeve-roller chain to the outer plates of which scrapers are attached. A specially designed module is responsible for the tension. The design features of our equipment ensure that the transported product or parts thereof do not remain on the walls of the gutter.

The inclusion of the drive device sets in motion a mechanism that is located inside the box. The transported material is captured by scrapers and begins to move from the loading module to the unloading sections.

Ensuring normal functioning is carried out by means of sensors that control movement and support. Thus, if during the operation some kind of violation occurs, for example, slack or open circuit, control devices immediately turn off the drive and notify about it.

Advantages of scraper conveyors by “Grain Energy”

The advantages of scraper conveyors that you can buy from us include the following facts:

  • Affordable prices. As a manufacturer, we are ready to offer affordable prices for all manufactured equipment.
  • Simplicity and safety. The simplicity and strength of the structure allows for easy use and guarantees safety (both for the transported product and for operators).
  • Reinforced chain-tensioning system. It is equipped with anti-corrosion screws and ensures the durability of the pulling mechanism.
  • Convenient bolted connections. Allow, if necessary, to easily remove the shaft, as well as the bearing assembly.
  • Panel fasteners. To simplify the removal / replacement of steel panels, they are equipped with flush-mounted fasteners.
  • High-quality components.

It is also worth noting simplicity, high productivity and versatility (both in matters of use for grain and other bulk products, and in the fact of application in enterprises of different profiles).

Why is it worth placing an order with us?

Order and buy a scraper conveyor for grain at the best price in Ukraine offers LLC “Grain Energy”. Individual ordering and buying us is fraught with a number of advantages:

  • We quickly process all applications and execute orders (regardless of the number of pieces of equipment you need);
  • we deliver to anywhere in Ukraine;
  • we offer a variety of payment terms from which you can choose the most convenient for you;
  • provide a guarantee of 1 year (with the ability to take advantage of warranty and post-warranty service);
  • use exclusively high-quality materials and components;
  • Our production facilities are equipped with ultra-modern CNC machines.

In addition, our managers are always ready to provide you with advice and answer all questions related to scraper conveyors for grain and other equipment offered by us.

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