Воздушно-решетные сепараторы для зерновых от производителя Агромаш

Sieve separators

“Grain Energy” LLC offers sieve separators of its own production – reliable and durable devices for cleaning and sorting grain, legumes, and oilseeds from impurities. The equipment provides high quality grain mass at the exit, greater efficiency with a small area needed. They are mass-produced in strict accordance with the technical documentation.

Air-sieve separators: design features

A distinctive feature of sieve separators is that the separation into fractions occurs on sieves that are mounted on frames. High quality cleaning is achieved due to the translational-rotational movement of the sieve structures, fixed at different angles. Sieve differ in the size of the holes, each sieve performs its function. If debris is removed at the top, then the middle is used to isolate the coarse fraction, and the bottom is used for the fine cleaning.

Sieve separators from “Grain Energy” LLC: advantages

Equipment from “Grain Energy” LLC compares favorably due to the following advantages:

  • Efficient and high-quality grain cleaning in one pass.
  • High productivity is achieved due to the continuous operation of the equipment.
  • Versatility. The transition to another type of culture occurs when the sieves are changed, which the attendants easily perform independently.
  • Simple equipment, no need for additional staff training.
  • The equipment is self-cleaning, there are no grain residues left in the separators, which can cause mold, accumulation of pests, and the appearance of fungus.
  • The sieve separator cleans the grain mass of any moisture and contamination.
  • Gentle cleaning, without damage to the grain.
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